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About Wasel

The Palestinian Distribution and Logistics Services Company “WASSEL” is the PEX’s largest publicly traded company, with a shareholder base of more than 16,000.

The Wassel group’s short-term market objective is to broaden its customer base to include additional market segments and target demographic groups. With an invigorated, forward-looking management team, and a renewed emphasis on technology, systems and process efficiency, we are striving to make a positive contribution to the Palestinian business sector and to provide our customers with unmatched service.

The Wassel vision is to create shareholder and customer value. We create value by leveraging our inherent synergies and by forging mutually beneficial local and global partnerships to provide the highest quality service possible to our client base.

Our vision reflects a strategic perspective that is founded and built upon hope. We believe that strategic infrastructural investments, supported and encouraged by our investors, will help grow our business, our industry sector and the national economy as a whole.

Trading Data

Company Name: The Palestinian Company for Distribution & Logistics Services LLC "WASSEL"


Sector: Services